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Clearwell Systems, the largeste-discoverycompany in the United States, has been renowned for its state-of-the-artClearwell E-Discovery Platform. However, a challenge they frequently encountered was dealing withOST files. These files are generated byOutlookand contain the offline data of the mailboxes, including emails, contacts, and all other objects. When a server crashes, these files can no longer be opened and read directly throughOutlook, posing significant obstacles in theelectronic discoveryof emails and other objects.

Since January 2010, to enhance its platform’s capabilities, Clearwell Systems began to seek a product that could seamlessly integrate into its platform and automate the conversion of OST files intoPST files. Unlike OST files, PST files can be opened and read inOutlookeven in the absence of a server.

As a part of the solution-seeking process, Clearwell Systems extensively evaluated various similar products on the market. Their search led them to consider thesoftware development kit (SDK)offered byDataNumenas a potential candidate. Below is the evaluation request from Clearwell systems:

Clearwell Evaluation Request

After a prolonged period of communication and systematic testing, they decided to integrate the DataNumen Exchange Recovery Commandline Tool, formerly called Advanced Exchange Recovery Commandline Tool, part ofthe SDK, into their platform. Below is the email regarding the detailed terms:

Clearwell Terms

This case study serves as an example of how Clearwell Systems successfully addressed a recurring issue in theirelectronic discoveryprocess by integrating a suitablethird-party SDK from DataNumen, improving the functionality of their platform, and further solidifying their status as a leadinge-discoverycompany.